10 Questions With...Matt

Instructor Matt started working at TLG Wandsworth in September 2015; joining us a parent & child, Pre-K and Grade school coach. 

Where are you from?
I was raised in Red Oak, Texas but I live in Dallas, Texas. 

Describe youself in 3 words
Determined, honest and loyal.

Favourite animal
Dogs or foxes.

What was you favourite subject at school?
Maths or alegbra.

How long have you been involved in gymnastics?
13 years! 3 competitivley and 12 coaching.

Favourite gymnastics skill?

Best thing about living in London?
I like being able to walk or ride my bike everywhere I want to go

Best thing about working at The Little Gym?
Working with the great staff, who dont only love gymnastics but are great people.

Other than Gymnastics, which sport are you most excited to watch at the Olympics in Rio?

What advice would you give to aspiring gymnasts?
Practice everyday and dont be afraid to fall