Music, Movement & your Child's Development!



Children in the early years learn BEST by 'doing'!


Music and movement gives your child active involvement in developing their vocabulary as well as teaching them many skills and concepts. Do you remember learning rhymes or songs to help you with spelling at school? Songs and activities through music and movement, support children to learn and develop.


Here’s how…

Builds Vocabulary

Words that describe movement are a fundamental part of language. Therefore, to increase a child's movement vocabulary is to better that child's overall vocabulary and confidence with both speech and the movements themselves.

Here at The Little Gym movement vocabulary; words that describe actions, space, energy and time, are incorporated in all our classes. We use unique directional music, skill names and teacher cues every class so that the children are always learning that movement vocabulary. Repetition is the key of learning after all!



Integrating Music, Movement and Academic Curriculum

Music and movement supports the school curriculum from preschool onwards.

We incorporate counting, phonics and other educational themes and topics throughout the semester such as our ‘1,2,3 count with me’ learning unit. The activities use a variety of sensory models to cater to all learning types and engage the children to keep movement and learning fun! 



Confidence & happiness


I’m pretty sure if you speak to any parent about what they want for their kids, being happy is always going to come top. One of the main reasons we use music with movement here at The Little Gym is because music and movement are fun, and they make kids happy and feel comfortable and confident inside and outside their classes.



Become a more efficient and confident mover


Music helps children to develop rhythm, timing, balance, coordination and endurance. Ever played musical statues? Don’t undervalue games like this for your child’s development. They are learning self-expression while moving their bodies, developing listening skills when having to stop for musical or spoken cues and building core strength and balance when changing directions suddenly or holding a body position when ‘freezing’.


By using music, children are learning to move and moving to learn at the same time! 



Success and Accomplishment


Our ethos here at The Little Gym is to offer children the chance to move, exercise and learn gymnastics whilst doing activities that are non-competitive and non-comparative. Each child can experience success at her/his level of development. During our warm-ups and group activities children complete tasks as a team or when individually everyone takes part together giving them the chance to feel success and accomplishment in their movement which in turn leads to a healthy self-image. 




If you want to learn more about what we offer here at The Little Gym Wandsworth & Fulham give us a call today on 0208 874 6567 or sign up for a FREE Introductory visit here.


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