Importance of Summer Camps for Kids


With the end of the school year fast approaching, many parents and caregivers are searching for ways to keep their children physically active, learning, and having fun during the summer break. Ongoing research supports the importance of quality summer camp programs and how they can promote academic success and a healthy lifestyle. In fact, High-quality summer learning programs can not only curb summer learning loss, they can even help boost student achievement. And the effect on kids’ physical health can be just as dramatic.


How to Choose a Summer Program for Kids

While it’s important to choose a program your child will enjoy, it’s also important to find a program that will help curb summer learning loss and keep your child active, involved, and moving. Look for a fun and imaginative camp program that includes both physical and educational activities for kids that will reinforce their academic achievements, challenge their imagination, and develop their self-confidence.

Summer Camp programs at child-centred facilities like The Little Gym offer high quality, age-appropriate, interest-driven summer programs designed to help children learn new skills and build self-confidence as they master challenges.

Choosing the right summer or sports camp can make a real difference in how well your child is able to transition from the summer break into the new school year. While the summer break should offer families a chance to relax without the constant pressure of school, homework, and after-school schedules, it’s important to offer children alternatives to screen time, and other passive activities, that can erode both academic skills and physical fitness. Summer camps for kids provide an opportunity to unplug as they explore their own creativity and build independence in a safe, secure environment.


Camps at The Little Gym Wandsworth & Fulham

The Little Gym offers flexible scheduling options allowing parents to enrol their children for as short as one morning, one day, or as long as the entire summer. Age-appropriate activities at our Adventure or Skill Thrill Summer Camp vary from week-to-week.

Week 1

Adventure Camp - Superheroes Theme
Skill Thrill Camp - Front Handspring Festival

Week 2

Adventure Camp - Hawaiian Theme
Skill Thrill Camp - Carribbean Cartwheels & Hawaiian Handstands

Week 3

Adventure Camp - Ninja Theme
Skill Thrill Camp - Vaulting Volcanoes

Week 4

Adventure Camp - My Animal Planet
Skill Thrill Camp - Back Tuck Beach


Week 5 

Adventure Camp - Out of Space
Skill Thrill Camp - Back Handspring Bonanza

Week 6 

Adventure Camp - Pirates
Skill Thrill Camp - Kip Kip Hooray


Adventure Camps are for children ages 3 to 8 years with fun and varied themes, snacks and crafts. The children get a fresh experience each time they attend. Skill Thrill camps allow children ages 6 to 12 years to enjoy fun skill based activities with friends. Parents can also register their child for one of The Little Gym’s regularly scheduled summer classes for kids four months through 12 years to keep children moving, learning, and building skills throughout the summer months.


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